Energydispersive xray analysis provides information about the chemical composition of a sample. Non-flat samples are analysed on carbon in variable pressure mode providing semi-quantitative analysis results.



Our Service: 

  • Elements from Nitrogen - Americum detectable
  • The data includes a SEM image, spectrum and table with quantification (at%, wt%) 
  • non-conductive, inhomogenous, rough, samples in variable pressure mode 
  • We can not ensure, that your sample can be assigned to a valid mineral after SEM-EDS. An identification is more likely when several analytical methods are used in combination. 
  • processing can take up to month
  • minimum material: µ-gram 

Download: Example

Link: References/Example analysis

How To:

After a successfull checkout through our online shop system, you will receive an invoice with our address. Please send the samples to this address. An alternative to our ordering system is to send the samples to our address which allows to find the best working analysis method for your request.

We offer two options how you can send us samples for analysis:

1st option: You can order our preparation material (aluminium stubs and carbon pads) and prepare your material at home before shipping it to us.

2nd option: You send your isolated material, e.g. in a capsula (order here), or send the entire specimen including a detailed documentation.

Please note, that a sample declared as "sample for scientific research" can avoid long custom clearance if you send from outside of the EU.  

  • Please choose a shipment method while checking out if you want to get a return of your samples (+5.00€ for small samples).


lab equipment: 

Analysis will be performed on a Hitach S3700N tungsten electron microscope with

SE-, BSE- and EDX-Detector Quantax 200/EDAX detector with an energy resolution of 123eV @ MnKalpha. 

Comparison BSE- and SE-Detector:



dandelion-71003 1280 winter-84723 1280


In this section you find reference analysis: 

The most reasonable offer for NON-EU customers is: 

  • Online as a .PDF file and/or printed report (spectrum, quantification and SEM image) 
  • needs photo documentation once per sample!
  • sample return is optional and can be selected during checkout process (+5,00€)
  • excluding VAT, only for Non-EU customers. EU customers please use Option 1: Online PDF (EU customers, incl. VAT)

Price/Sample: 20.00€ (+3.80€ photo documentation/sample)

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The most reasonable offer for EU customers incl. VAT is: 

  • Online delivery of the report (spectrum, quantification and SEM image) as a .PDF Datei
  • sample return is optional and can be selected during checkout process (+5,00€)
  • includes VAT, only for EU customers, non EU customers please use Option 1: Online PDF (Non-EU customers, excl. VAT)
  • photo documentation is mandatory and needs to purchased one time per sample. This gives the analysis the layout to fill in the results

Price/Sample: 20.00€  (+3.80€ photo documentation/sample)

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