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    We offer you a service for high resolution and high magnification images of your small samples/minerals at a competitive rate. 

    Our Service (EU customers, incl. VAT):

    • Samples should be sent to us in a prepared form with a marker. 
    • High magnification images using depth enhancing methods (Stacking)
    • Min. respectively max. field of view ca. 100µm, respectively 8mm 
    • Image resolution: between 6 and 60 Megapixels
    • Online delivery (e.g. Email)
    • Specimen return can be added within the checkout procedure (+5.00€) 
    • includes VAT, only for EU customers, non EU customers please contact us for VAT free invoice 

    Price/Picture: 15.00€ 

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    • Keyence VHX 7000 - 4K High Resolution Microscope

      Keyence VHX 7000 - 4K High Resolution Microscope

      • Keyence VHX 7000 with nosepiece for photo documentation up to 2000x (approx. 100µm image width).
      • Ring light, transmitted light, reflected light
      • Depth of field image stitching to generate high-resolution photos or to screen large sample areas.
      • Maximum aperture: 0.7 (E500 lens)

    • Zeiss Axio Zoom V16 - Zoom Microscope

      Zeiss Axio Zoom V16 - Zoom Microscope

      • Zeiss Axio Zoom V16 zoom microscope with 1.0x Plan NeoFluar and AxioCam 512 for creating photo documentation.
      • Reflected light, ring light
      • Capture of samples to create reports for clear presentation of the analysis data in a single PDF file
      • Measurement and documentation tasks

    • Olympus BX 41 - Coaxial light microscope

      Olympus BX 41 - Coaxial light microscope

      • Olympus BX 41 reflected-light microscope for documenting planar surfaces / sections
      • Photo documentation with Zen Blue Zeiss ICc 5 microscope camera
      • High resolution - Aperture : 0.9 (1000x)

    • Zeiss V20 - Stereo Microscope

      Zeiss V20 - Stereo Microscope

      • Zeiss Discovery V20 stereo microscope with mono channel for photo documentation 525x.
      • dynamic lighting to generate high-contrast images at medium to low magnifications
      • Magnification from 7.5x -150x - Plan Apo 1.5
      • Magnification from 26x - 525x - Plan Apo 3.5
      • 30 megapixel Canon EOS M6 Mark II APS-C camera matching the image circle
      • Maximum aperture: ~0.5 (Apo 3.5 Mono)

    • Zeiss JENAPOL - Polarisationsmikroskop

      Zeiss JENAPOL - Polarisationsmikroskop

      • Ermöglicht die Selektion von Einkristallen für SC-XRD und Mikromanipulationvon Kristallfragmenten in Immersionsöl (Invertierungsfreie Mikromanipulation)


    xpic 6d

     Peterandresenite xx

    A/S Granite Quarry, Tvedalen, Norway

    field of view 2mm

    xpic 1d

    Cuprosklodowskite xx

    Musonoi Mine, Kolwezi, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo

    field of view: 2.7mm 

    xpic 9d

    Umohoite xx

    Rabejac, Lodeve, Hérault, Languedoc-Roussillon, Frankreich

    field of view: 1.6mm 

    xpic 4d

    Moschellandsbergite xx on cinnabar

    Moschellandsberg, Obermoschel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

    field of view: 2mm 

    xpic 3d

    Chanabayaite xx

    Pabellón de Pica, Chanabaya, Iquique Prov., Tarapacá, Chile

    field of view: 2mm

    xpic 7d

    Smithsonite xx

    Tsumeb Mine, Namibia

    field of view: 6mm 


    Mineralanalytik Eu - Inhaber Joy Desor M. Sc. Physics - Im Langenfeld 4, 61350 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Deutschland 

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