Raman spectroscopy allows the identification of small amounts of unknown crystalline solids by inelastic scattering of light due to vibrational transitions within the molecules scale. These will give a typical spectrum depending on the chemical environment and/or Raman active groups which can be fitted to reference data. Even if the Raman spectrum is not as "comprehensible" as the XRD in the most cases it is, it allows to obtain data from an extremely small sample amount without destruction.



  • Raman-Spectrum of the sample with phase matching (rruff and own database)
  • Raman-Spectrum range:  80 cm-1 - 1700 cm-1 wave numbers
  • light source: 532nm
  • We can not always guarantee that the analysis will match with an entry in one of the databases.1
  • waiting time up to 2 weeks




Live-Demo of the acquisition of a Raman spectrum:







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How To:

  • After purchase  was succesfully completed, you will receive an invoice with our address in Germany, where you will send the material/samples to.
  • It is possible to send your sample without any preparation but with a marker indicating the point of interest and a short note what and how we the spot shall be analysed.                                  Previous results eg. SEM-EDS results should be sent too as they can help while the identification process.
  • Please note, that you have to declare it as "sample for scientific research" in order to avoid long custom clearance if you send from outside of the EU. Please declare a value less than 30 USD to let us do the work on this material as soon as possible and avoid long clearance times.  

  • Please choose a shipment method while checking out if you want to get a return of your samples (+5.00€ for small samples).

Equipment: MA-RBE-02 Raman Spectrometer

  • 532 nm, beam size on sample ~ 2 µm, wave number regime 80 - 1700 cm-1, QE ~ 60%, 50mW power, 1200l/mm grating


                                                  Sketch of the Raman spectrometer MA-RBE-02 

  • Online-Results of measurement (spectrum and phase ID) as .PDF file
  • no return of sample amount
  • please use this option if you have several samples and add 5.00€ for the shipment while proceeding to check out to pay for the shipment back to you.

Price/Sample: 15€

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