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    Raman spectroscopy allows the identification of small amounts of unknown crystalline solids by inelastic scattering of light due to vibrational transitions within the molecules scale. When there is a Raman transition of a molecule group within the crystal, the light is emitted at a different wavelength compared to the incident light wavelength and we observe a peak in the spectrum at a certain value on the x-axis (Raman-Shift). In consequence a complex spectrum with many transitions is obtained for a certain crystal structure which is then compared against the database. Even if the Raman spectrum is not always as helpful as powder data it allows to obtain data from an extremely small sample amount without destruction


    Our Service:

    • Raman spectroscopy includes a spectrum of the point of interest on the sample and evaluation and phase matching to scientific mineralogical databases
    • High sensitivity EMCCD camera for excellent  detection of weak Raman signals from beam sensitive and weak Raman scattering samples
    • Raman-Spectrum range:  80 cm-1 - 4000 cm-1 wave numbers
    • NIR, UV and other excitation wavelengths available to overcome fluorescence effects.
    • We can not guarantee a reliable identification by Raman spectroscopy. A successful  and reliable phase identification often involves several analysis techniques.
    • Raman spectroscopy can be done in-situ in many cases!
    • processing time up to one month

    How To:

    • After a successfull checkout through our online shop system, you will receive an invoice with our address. Please send the samples to this address. An alternative to our ordering system is to send the samples to our address which allows to find the best working analysis method for your request.

      We offer two options how you can send us samples for analysis:

      1st option: You can order our preparation material (aluminium stubs, carbon pads and sample holder) and prepare your material at home before shipping it to us.

      2nd option: You send your isolated material, e.g. in a capsula (order here), or send the entire specimen including a detailed documentation.

      Please note, that a sample declared as "sample for scientific research" can avoid long custom clearance if you send from outside of the EU.  

    • Please choose a shipment method while checking out if you want your samples returned (+5.00€ for small samples).

    Equipment: High Resolution Raman Microscope with 785nm & 532nm and Raman Imaging capabilities

    • Micro-Ramanmikroscope with µm-resolution, deep air cooled EMCCD camera
    • available Gratings 600, 1200, 1800, 2400 g/mm
    • adjustable spectrometer positions, cumulative measurements, confocal measurement with selectable pin-holes. 
    • Raman-Imaging with predefined grids.



                                                      Sketch of the Raman spectrometer MA-RBE-02 

    • Raman Spectroscopy results as a .PDF file and/or printed report (spectrum and phase ID)
    • analytical photo documentation service is mandatory 
    • sample return is possible and can be selected during the checkout process (+5,00€)
    • includes VAT, only for EU customers, non EU customers please contact us for VAT free invoice 

    Important! The analytical photodocumentation (+6,20€) must be selected once for each sample separately and is mandatory for eg SEM-EDS, PXRD, SCXRD or Raman spectroscopy.

    Price/Sample: 25.00€ (+6.20€ for analytical documentation/sample)

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