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    Neuigkeiten über Mineralanalytik - english only!

    EDS Mapping: Enhanced Data Illustration

    EDS Mapping: Enhanced Data Illustration

    In a project with physicist M. Noller we achieve significant image improvement of images from EDS mapping. Click on "read more" to see RAW vs. Processed enhancement.



    This find will be part of a documentary about the tourist mine Silberhardt mine, Windeck, Germany in german television soon.

    A new find from the 1997 re-opened Silberhardt mine for tourists near Windeck, Germany: Pale Katerinopoulosite intergrown with greenish-blue ktenasite. The material has been SEM-EDS, Raman and microdiffraction confirmed. Material was provided by the german collector S. Hupfer. Thanks for the contribution! Nitrogen peak is located between C and O Peak, but was not quantified.

    Joomla 4.x  and PHP 8.1 Update

    Joomla 4.x and PHP 8.1 Update

    We had several issues with our website when our webhoster updated PHP to 8.1.

    We decided to update our CMS system because end of support is near. We ran into some incompatibility issues and some functions are not working yet: If you used our webshop before, you need to register as a new customer. German site is in better condition, but we will fix the english version soon.

    Keyence VHX-7000 - 4K Light Microscope

    Keyence VHX-7000 - 4K Light Microscope

    The Keyence VHX-7000 is a real workhorse and offers high image quality at an enormous working speed: The device is a milestone in the development of Keyence's digital microscope series.

    Oldsite - Published!

    Oldsite - Published!

    Discovered during research at Mineralanalytik Scientific lab, handed over for description to J. Plášil, named after Dr. Travis Olds (Carnegie Museum, PA, USA).

    The research team that discovered and described Oldsite includes Dr. Jakub Plášil from the Czech Republic’s Institute of Physics ASCR, Dr. Anthony R. Kampf of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Dr. Chi Ma of California Institute of Technology, and German mineralogist Joy Desor. source:

    Plášil, J., Kampf, A., Ma, C., & Desor, J. (2022). Oldsite, K2Fe2 [(UO2)(SO4)2]2(H2O)8, a new uranyl sulfate mineral from Utah, USA: Its description and implications for the formation and occurrences of uranyl sulfate minerals. Mineralogical Magazine, 1-9. doi:10.1180/mgm.2022.106


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